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Second Son

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Game artist: Jeremy Fenske
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Artists: Phroilan Gardner, Devon Cady-Lee
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Artists: Akihiko Yoshida, Hideo Minaba
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Game artist: Hirohiko Araki
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Game artist: Mathieu Latour-Duhaime

Eye For Games releasing art book
Posted by David on February 23, 2013

Eye For Games has informed us about their new book The Art and Design of Video Games. The 250-page hardcover book is a showcase of video game art accompanied by brief interviews and commentary from the artists who worked on the featured pieces, discussing the inspiration and approach to their work. The book will be available Monday, February 24th for $48 (€35).

The Art and Design of Video Games

The most popular galleries of 2013
Posted by David on January 9, 2014

Visitors to CU viewed more than 30 million images in 2013! As per our tradition of releasing an annual top ten list, here's what attracted the most views in the outgoing year.

Classic paintings by Mike Winterbauer
Posted by David on December 20, 2013

Artist Mike Winterbauer, who illustrated many box covers for computer games in the early '90s, has created a new collection of current paintings based on his earlier Might and Magic artwork from 1992. The six new paintings include such classics as Warrior Queen and Xeen Rises. You can check them out on his current works page.

Might and Magic art by Winterbauer

The Bear & The Hare
Posted by David on November 12, 2013

Check out this beautiful making of video detailing the process that went into creating this year's John Lewis Christmas ad, The Bear & The Hare. The unique video blends stop-motion with traditional hand-drawn 2D artwork created by artists who worked on The Lion King.

The Bear & The Hare - The Making Of

The Bear & The Hare (full animation)

The Last of Us art spotlight and prints
Posted by David on September 19, 2013

Episode 6 of the video development series for The Last of Us is out now and it puts the spotlight on the game's incredible concept art. There are spoilers, so be warned if you have not completed the single player experience. Coinciding with the video feature release, signed art prints are being sold through Cook and Becker for enthusiasts looking for a high quality wall piece.

The Last of Us dev series ep.6

Creativity is the residue of time wasted
— Einstein

Creative Uncut welcomes you to add us to your list of time-wasting websites for inspiration. Picasso once said, every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Nine out of ten primary school children will tell you they are creative; they love to draw and paint. By the final year of secondary school that figure is sadly reversed. We forget how to imagine.

Imagination must be fed. An artist with a starved imagination is a palette with no paints. New ideas come from old ideas—the more you fill your palette with existing ideas, the more you can mix and create new ones. CU supports a culture in which people can borrow from the ideas of others. Not to plagiarize from one as a thief, but to borrow and mix from many as an artist. Video games offer an inspirational source for those creative ideas, from the concept board to the final product. We explore the conceptual side. Watermark-free and registration-free.

Artwork updates are made several times a week and can be followed via RSS, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. Or there's the old-fashioned way, right here via the home page.