Inside The Gamers Studio comic by: Tim Carillet
Join host Whit as he interviews your favorite videogame and anime characters.

Character Interviews     

 Issue 69     Cloud   (Final Fantasy VII)  Issue 70     Comic Finale   (Bomberman)
 Issue 67     Gogo   (Final Fantasy VI)  Issue 68     Faye   (Cowboy Bebop)
 Issue 65     Barret   (Final Fantasy VII)  Issue 66     Kenshin   (Rurouni Kenshin)
 Issue 63     Halloween Special   (Silent Hill 4)  Issue 64     Asuka   (Evangelion)
 Issue 61     Mega Man   (Mega Man series)  Issue 62     Sion   (The Bouncer)
 Issue 59     Goku   (Dragon Ball series)  Issue 60     Zelda   (Zelda series)
 Issue 57     Tidus   (Final Fantasy X)  Issue 58     Samus   (Metroid series)
 Issue 55     On Location   (Final Fantasy XI)  Issue 56     D   (Vampire Hunter D)
 Issue 53     Frogger   (Frogger)  Issue 54     Yuffie   (Final Fantasy VII)
 Issue 51     Nightmare   (Soul Calibur)  Issue 52     KOS-MOS   (Xenosaga)
 Issue 49     Jean   (Lunar 2: Eternal Blue)  Issue 50     Naru Narusegawa   (Love Hina)
 Issue 47     Maximo   (Maximo series)  Issue 48     Lulu   (Final Fantasy X)
 Issue 45     Rose   (Legend of Dragoon)  Issue 46     Navi   (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
 Issue 43     Serge   (Chrono Cross)  Issue 44     Aerith   (Final Fantasy VII)
 Issue 41     Ratchet   (Ratchet & Clank)  Issue 42     Dart   (Legend of Dragoon)
 Issue 39     Luc   (Suikoden III)  Issue 40     Rinoa   (Final Fantasy VIII)
 Issue 37     Lara Croft   (Tomb Raider)  Issue 38     Zombie   (Resident Evil series)
 Issue 35     Sora   (Kingdom Hearts)  Issue 36     Lenne   (Final Fantasy X-2)
 Issue 33     Rikku   (Final Fantasy X-2)  Issue 34     Ansem   (Kingdom Hearts)
 Issue 31     Tommy Vercetti   (GTA: Vice City)  Issue 32     Tifa   (Final Fantasy VII)
 Issue 29     Paine   (Final Fantasy X-2)  Issue 30     Dracula   (Castlevania series)
 Issue 27     Brahne   (Final Fantasy IX)  Issue 28     Vincent   (FFVII Advent Children)
 Issue 25     Aya   (Parasite Eve)  Issue 26     Squall   (Final Fantasy VIII)
 Issue 23     Abe   (Oddworld)  Issue 24     Caesar   (Suikoden III)
 Issue 21     Sonic   (Sonic games)  Issue 22     Snake   (Metal Gear Solid)
 Issue 19     Taki   (Soul Calibur II)  Issue 20     Christmas Special   (Special)
 Issue 17     Chubby Chocobo   (FF series)  Issue 18     Fei   (Xenogears)
 Issue 15     Rue   (Threads of Fate)  Issue 16     Yuna   (Final Fantasy X-2)
 Issue 13     Link   (Legend of Zelda series)  Issue 14     Mog   (FF series)
 Issue 11     Hitomi   (Dead or Alive series)  Issue 12     Kasumi   (Dead or Alive series)
 Issue 09     Cloud   (Kingdom Hearts)  Issue 10     Tetris Block   (Tetris)
 Issue 07     Kirby   (Kirby games)  Issue 08     CATS   (Zero Wing)
 Issue 05     Mario   (Mario games)  Issue 06     Sephiroth   (Final Fantasy VII)
 Issue 03     Crono   (Chrono Trigger)  Issue 04     Rikku   (Final Fantasy X-2)
 Issue 01     Gex   (Gex series)  Issue 02     Pac-Man   (Pac-Man games)

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