Radiant Savior

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Hopeless Dreamer
Kingdom Hearts series

The character displayed is known as Zexion. An enigmatic and cunning member of the XIII Order; an organization consisting of 13 nobodies established by their wise and powerful leader.. Xemnas. Now the outfit worn in the image isn't exactly alike to that of the actual character. The only similarity is the face. Now the blades of the weapons did originate from a couple of different characters from Kingdom Hearts, it's just that I sort of "tweaked" it a bit. Example? Instead of the original, where the blade was forged into a heavy sword, I made it appear to be the blade of a pole arm.

As for the armor it originated from the Suikoden series. Once again, I "tweaked" it a bit. Now as for the symbols engraved on the breast plate and tasset, they are indeed from Kingdom Hearts. As for the scribble on the shoulder guard, that was something I imagined on my own. 'Tis but a simple drawing and an old one at that. I decided to use Zexion because I was fascinated by his mysterious background. However, I didnít like the simplicity of their black hooded attire so I decided to "tweak" it a bit. The result, I was satisfied. But now that I look back at it, it seems that I "tweaked" it a bit too much. The shading is off, his elbow looks fully extended, the armor doesnít really go well with him and a few other things. But none the less, itís a work that I am proud of.

I have always been a fan of square enix video games such as Kingdom Hearts and especially Final Fantasy. What fascinated me even more was their concept art. The video games, music and art has inspired me till this day.

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  Hopeless Dreamerjulian_martinezmsn.com
  Aug 31, 2007  Deprived of Friendship          Chaos Legion
  Aug 27, 2007  Radiant Savior          Kingdom Hearts series

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