Koringwood Rescue

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

"RITZ!! Are you okay!?"

So... I'm playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and I got carried away doing jobs and trying to arrange my people the way I want them. So what I'm doing is rejecting every new member until I get five Moogles, then five Bangaa, then five humans, etc.

But I got carried away and became, like, 20 levels ahead of the next story event which happened to be saving Clan Ritz. So I only needed Marche by himself to save Ritz. He basically tore every enemy into shreds before they could move without so much as blinking.

So... here's a picture to commemorate the event. All these characters belong to SquareEnix.

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  Oct 21, 2007  Koringwood Rescue          Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

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