Screenshot of the original design of Creative Uncut.
Creative Uncut is dedicated to bringing together character designs and concept art from a wide variety of console games and computer games to one place where people can easily access and enjoy it without registration or restrictions. Every image on the site is watermark-free out of respect for the original artists and for those wishing to collect and view it unobstructed.

The website began in 2003 as something of a mish mash of content. As a kid I would often look for character artwork from my favorite video games, as well as desktop images, animated sprites, music lyrics, and maps. So as an adult, and having an opportunity to provide a resource for those things for others, Creative Uncut was born.
Through the years, Creative Uncut has been redesigned four times, each time revising its focus a little more. We have explored a variety of content types, including comics, news, fan art, sales charts, and MMORPG guides. Visitors have proved instrumental in shaping the site's content offerings into what it is today. With each redesign, the concept art galleries continued to come out on top as the most viewed content, and so with the fourth redesign of the site, the focus was streamlined to be solely about video game artwork.

We aim to be the best online resource for game art. With tens of thousands of artworks from hundreds of games, you'll be busy for a while! As our home page states, if creativity is the residue of time wasted, then Creative Uncut welcomes you to add us to your list of time-wasting websites for artistic inspiration.
Screenshot of the third design of Creative Uncut.
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