Omake - Bonus Features & Comics

Pixie's Pub   Pull up a bar stool and have a seat at Pixie's Pub, where everybody knows your game.

Inside The Gamer's Studio   Join host Whit as he interviews your favorite video game and anime characters.

I'm Game   Leif lives in an apartment with his best bud and fellow gamer, Shuu. They play games, they make friends. Fun ensues.

Drifters of Phantasmia   From the creator of the hit comic Inside the Gamers Studio comes an original manga featuring four uncommon heroes in an adventure to free their land from a troubling menace.

The Making of Creative Uncut   A quick summary of the design behind CU, including versions of the website from past years and exclusive hand-drawn artwork for the current version.

Distinctly Tokyo!   A brief photo-enhanced look at Japan's booming megatropolis city of Tokyo; gaming and electronics capital of the world. Summarized from your CU admin's 9-day stay in the country.

CU Arcade   These games may be simple, but they're free! Play puzzle games and arcade classics, from Space Invaders to Pac-Man.

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