Magical Starsign
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Magical Starsign Art & Characters Gallery
Game Screenshot
Game Developer(s)
Game Publisher(s)
Brownie Brown
Game Genre(s)
Role-playing game
Game Release Date
Oct 23, 2006
Feb 9, 2007
Jun 22, 2006
Game Artist(s)
Shinichi Kameoka, Shinobu Nagata

Magical Starsign Art Gallery

Characters - Promo Pictures - Concept Art

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October 17, 2020

31 video game art images

Artist: Yasutomo Nishire
October 15, 2020

27 video game art images

Artist: Sean Bigham
October 13, 2020

27 video game art images

Artist: Mitch Mohrhauser
October 11, 2020

35 video game art images

Artist: Hyoung Taek Nam

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