General Game Coverage

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  Gaming site offering software and hardware reviews, features, demos, links, hints & cheats for all systems.
Game FAQ's
  FAQs, codes, reviews, and message boards for computer and video games.
  Network of branded sites covering everything from video and computer games to movies, television, & more.
  Extensive information on role playing video games past, present, and future.
  Coverage of import and domestic RPGs for all platforms.
The Magic Box
  Features U.S. and Japanese games release schedules, as well as previews for all systems.

Game Music

Videogame Music Archive
  MIDI music from your favorite videogames from console and PC games.
  Specializing in video game and anime soundtracks.
OverClocked ReMix
  Dedicated to reviving the video and computer game music of yesterday, and reinterpreting them.
  Music 4 Games, The Future of Rock n' Roll and Interactive Entertainment.
Final Fantasy Radio
  Video game music online, reviews, and news.
Project Majestic Mix
  Fan-made, fan-financed game music tribute album to Nobuo Uematsu. From KFSS Studios.


Game Wallpapers
  Alot of exclusive wallpapers for video games available in multiple resolutions.
Game Papers
  Specializes in video game wallpapers and GIFs.
Anime Wallpaper
  Extensive selection of anime backgrounds and images.
Boy's Wallpaper Studio
  Anime desktop wallpapers and images to download.
Shifted Reality
  Original high quality 3d-rendered fantasy desktop wallpaper.
Desktop Animations
  Offers free animated 2D, 3D and live characters deskmates, screen savers, screen mates
  and fun cartoons by Oska Software.

Import Game Help

Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Server
  Translate Japanese to English and English to Japanese. Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana.
Jeffrey's Japanese-English Dictionary
  Another online dictionary offering various support options for viewing Japanese words.
  Free tutorial that teaches Japan's language and culture with lessons in English and Kana.
  Complete Hiragana and Katakana character sets.
  Lists of common Japanese terms found in games and menus.
  Read Japanese webpages, move the cursor over any Japanese word to see the reading and definition.

Hosting & Domain Services

Dathorn Internet Services
  Use the same great host that Creative Uncut uses for one of its two accounts. Simply unbeatable service.
  The second host used by Creative Uncut, one of the best on the net with generous amounts of bandwidth.
  The site is registered through, excellent service.
WebHosting Talk
  A popular web hosting discussion forum.
Web Hosting Stuff
  A hosting directory site that currently lists and reviews 5,800+ web hosting plans.