I'm Game

Our new weekly comic, by the same mind behind ITGS. Leif lives in an apartment with his best bud and fellow gamer, Shuu. They play games, they make friends. Fun ensues.

 Inside The Gamers Studio

Join host Whit as he interviews your favorite videogame characters. The views and opinions expressed in this comic are those of the author and not necessarily shared by Creative Uncut or its affiliates.


From the creator of the hit comic Inside the Gamers Studio comes an original CU manga featuring four uncommon heroes in an 18 page adventure to free their land from a troubling menace.

 Distinctly Tokyo!

A brief photo-enhanced look at Japan's booming megatropolis city of Tokyo; gaming and electronics capital of the world. Summarized from your CU webmaster's nine day stay in the country.

 Creative Uncut Splash Pages

See the many entry portals created for escorting people to this site.

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 Chocobo Hot & Cold

Play our boring and extremely dumbed-down version of the FFIX Chocobo Hot & Cold mini game. This game is compatible with Explorer & Opera. It will NOT display properly in other browsers.

 The Possibly Complete Square Games List

An attempted list of every console game Squaresoft has ever made along with the year and system it was released on. Square Enix games are not included in this list.