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 Position: Admin / Pirate

 Name: David Carillet

 Screen name: Reldin

 Location: Asheville, NC USA

 DoB: July 13, 1982  (25y)

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comet_rider_007 -- For scanning a lot of the art for the Final Fantasy XII art gallery.
Fayn Arawn -- For scanning all of the art for the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance art gallery.
Isobel -- For scanning several pieces of art for the Bouncer art gallery.
Jacqueline -- From videogamesprites.net for scanning the art for the Nintendo Power Final Fantasy gallery.
JennifARGH -- From jennifargh.tk for copying the Real Emotion subtitled lyrics from the PAL version of FFX-2.
Lux -- For contributing several Final Fantasy character renders for the Kingdom Hearts II gallery.
Radical Dreamer -- From Uchuu Kaizoku.net for scanning art for the Disgaea and Phantom Brave galleries.
Reina -- For scanning the art for the FF: Crystal Chronicles and Zelda: Wind Waker galleries.
Strider -- For contributing scans from the Perfection SNK Characters All About Illustrations and Capcom Design Works art books for their corresponding galleries.
Tim -- For drawing all of the Inside The Gamers Studio comics, Drifters manga, and I'm Game comics.

FAQ \ Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Who runs this site?
A - Launched on July 7th 2003, Creative Uncut is a one man operation—design, coding, updating and all. The comics are the only exception, which are the work of my brother. CU is run out of love for gaming and the desire to provide interest in the artistic side of games and inspire future designers. The website's focus is to offer free galleries of official illustration art for popular video game titles. You can contact me, David, via the form above.

Q - Will you affiliate or swap links with my site?
A - In order to maintain some exclusivity with our affiliates, we can't accept every website that's interested. So to make things simple, only gaming websites with an Alexa Traffic Rank of 200,000 or better will be considered. As for trading links, refer to our links section to see the type of website content that is accepted and submit the required information.

Q - I want to advertise on CU, are you interested?
A - You're welcome to make an offer. Various forms of text links may be considered for inclusion if we believe your product has something of value to our audience. Advertising deals may be directed to David via the form above. CU currently averages monthly over 110,000 unique visitors and over 1,500,000 page views.

Q - What is recommended for best viewing of the site?
A - The site is designed for Internet Explorer and Firefox, and a resolution of 1024x768. If you use some other whacky browser, it should display fine for the most part, but certain scripts used in the coding of this site aren't supported by all browsers, so it may result in small visual differences.

Q - Where does all of your art come from?
A - The majority is manually scanned from imported artbooks. Other sources include media released from companies, or fansites that we've obtained permission from. We also occasionally accept art from friends and trust that they have scanned it themselves or have obtained it with permission. If you find any questionable scans on CU, please let us know about it.

Q - What programs were used in the creation of this site?
A - All graphics, layout, and html were created by me (see profile above) through many months of hard work. The html was hand-coded in Notepad and the graphics were created in Adobe Photoshop 6 and Image Ready.

Q - Can you help me with my website/graphic design?
A - No. We get far too many requests for this type of thing and I simply don't have the time, sorry. Unless of course you are offering a tempting sum of money... *evil laugh*

Q - Can I borrow / link to graphics or other files on Creative Uncut?
A - For the most part, no. Only the content offered through the wallpaper and image galleries is available for use, and only if hosted on your own server. CU is protected from hotlinking.

Q - I have content I would like to donate, will you take it?
A - No. The thought is appreciated, but we try to keep the content quality here high and the best way to do that is to create it ourselves or accept contributions from friends only.

Q - Why don't you cover a wider selection of content?
A - Because creating and maintaining it is very time consuming and one person can only do so much.

Q - Can I become a staff member at this site?
A - No, sorry.

Q - Do you have any other websites?
A - I used to have another one years ago. It was quite a sad little site and a few of the wallpapers found here are actually left over from it (and obviously lacking in quality). I also made two others but they never left my hard drive.

Q - I found an error, bad URL, broken image, etc. Where should I report it?
A - Just send a quick message using the contact form above and it will be corrected right away. And also very much appreciated!

Q - Can I expect a reply if I e-mail you a question?
A - Usually. I try to respond to all emails within a reasonable amount of time but please see if your question is answered in this FAQ first, and you can always try the forums for gaming questions. If you do not receive a reply, then it is possible that your message was lost.

Q - Why are your forums so strict on vulgarity, religious bashing, personal insults, etc!?
A - I'm a Christian and I try to keep this site in sync with the decent morals of my beliefs. You have the right to freedom of speech, but you also agree to the rules of this site before joining the forum. We try hard to create a friendly community here and will enforce the rules to keep it that way.