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Creative Uncut welcomes all artists, new and old, to share your video game inspired fan art with others. CU will host your works for thousands of people around the world to view and enjoy. Before submitting, please be sure your work fits the following criteria:

Fan art must feature a character or object from a particular video game (or games) and be your own work. Please complete your art.

Images are only accepted in JPG, GIF or PNG format.

File size of under a few hundred KB (kilobytes) is preferred. Exceptions will be made if your work requires more to maintain visual quality.

No nudity beyond what is accepted to be partial or artistic.

  Required Information
If you are ready to submit your fan art, please compose an e-mail message to with subject line "CU FAN ART" and prepare the information requested below.

[EDIT] The new version of CU no longer accepts fan art submissions, sorry!

Your fan art, of course! You can include it as an attachment to the message, or if it's already uploaded somewhere online you can provide a link to retrieve it from.

Your name or a screen name. It can be whichever you're more comfortable with, but please stick with the same one each time you submit. Your art will be archived on CU by this name.

The name of the video game(s) your fan art is based on.

A brief title for your fan art.

Commentary on your work. This is optional, but you'll probably want to say something about it, right? Perhaps the inspiration behind it, drawing mediums used, amount of time it took, what you hoped to accomplish with the piece, things you like or dislike about how it turned out—anything you want.

If all required information is provided, your fan art will be included in the queue for the next update, and should be made viewable within 1 to 3 days, and announced via the "Latest Fan Art" box on the CU home page. Your work will also be permanently archived under your artist name for viewing at any time, unless you request it be removed.

If you would like your e-mail address publicly listed so viewers have an option to contact you about your work, you can request so in your submission message. Otherwise, it will be unlisted by default.

For very active artists, we ask that you please consider limiting your art submissions (for clarification: each image counts as one submission) to no more than 2 or 3 per week.

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