CU Linkshell Information about the Creative Uncut LS and how to join us.

  Getting Started
  Requirements Hardware and software required to play Final Fantasy XI on PS2 or PC.
  Servers / Passes How to obtain a pass and choose a server to play with friends.
  Races / Stats Creating a character and deciding what stats will suit your job.
  Starting the Game Information and useful tips to quickly familiarize yourself with the game.
  Helpful NPC's Helpful NPC's for passes, fame, titles, linkshells, maps and more.

  Job Related
  Job Skill Caps Learn where your job skills will cap at for each level.
  Magic Spells Magic and spells learned through the use of special scrolls.
  Job Abilities Special abilities and traits specific to job classes.
  Weapon Skills Tactical skills learned through weapon usage.

  NPC Fellows Guide to obtaining, leveling, upgrading, and bonding with your NPC fellow.
  Regional Sellers Merchants carrying goods imported from regions under nation control.
  Map Sellers Locations of acquirable maps and the NPC that sells them.
  Vana'diel Maps Screen caps of city, field, and dungeon maps.
  Fame Ranks Ranks determined by your popularity in a nation and the NPC to ask.
  Merit Points Merits explained, skill increases available, and point costs per upgrade.
  Basic Quests Simple quests to raise fame, earn gil, and acquire maps.

  Guild Recipes
  Alchemy Alchemy recipes available to members of the Alchemists' Guild.
  Bonecraft Bone crafts available to members of the Boneworkers' Guild.
  Clothcraft Cloth crafts available to members of the Weavers' Guild.
  Cooking Food recipes available to members of the Culinarians' Guild.
  Fishing Fish catchable by members of the Fishermen's Guild.
  Goldsmithing Goldsmithing crafts available to members of the Goldsmiths' Guild.
  Leathercraft Leather crafts available to members of the Tanners' Guild.
  Smithing Smithing crafts available to members of the Blacksmiths' Guild.
  Woodworking Wood crafts available to members of the Carpenters' Guild.

  Excavating Maps of excavation points and possible bones and rocks found there.
  Harvesting Maps of harvesting points and possible plants, seeds, and fungi found there.
  Logging Maps of logging points and possible wood and fruits found there.
  Mining Maps of mining points and possible ores and rare rocks found there.
  Chocobo Digging Guide to digging, and possible item acquisition by region.

  Memories Album Beautiful game screenshots for your viewing pleasure.
  Art & Renders CG art, all 64 character face renders, and concept artwork.
  Links Archive Exceptional links to specific FFXI information for your every need.

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